Thursday, December 29, 2011

The Cloud

Is you USB Flash Drive getting full? Is your computer slowing down because of many files? Then store your files "in the cloud" A "cloud" is a private storage that you can access anytime, but there are some "shared" clouds that certain amounts of people can access, which is usually done when making group projects, Before you can save to the cloud, Find a good "cloud site" A good site is SkyDrive, But you'll need a Windows Live account to store things to your private cloud, Windows Live can be visited in . Here is how "the cloud" works:
1. You store (let's say 2 pictures) in the cloud
2. It will be accessed by you only because it is set to "not shared"
3. You "shared" the 2nd picture to your friend (
4. She will be able to see the 2nd picture but not the 1st one

That's why there's no problem putting pics of your face (or even your mom's) since by default, it is seen by you only. Happy storing "to the cloud"! Bye!

Sunday, December 25, 2011

A Nice Christmas

I spent the Christmas on my grandparents' place, We went to a resort that has a swimming pool(I'm scared to swim) and many bedrooms. We slept in the bedroom next to the stairs. But before we sleep, We played some games and ate our Noche Buena and gave each other gifts, After giving the gifts, We opened them. I got more of bags and clothing, some shades and some toy magnet set. I also got a pair of notebook and pen. The story continues tomorrow.... :)

Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Newest OS for phones - Windows Phone 7 / 7.5

You've heard of Android, iOS(the OS for iPhones) and Blackberry OS right? Well, Microsoft just made their own OS for phones! The title says it--It's called Windows Phone 7 but sometimes called 7.5!--It's UI(User Interface, The things that you see in the screen)  is very simple and easy to go around! Here are some pics:
I want one so bad!
All your friends, FB, Twitter and your contacts are in one place, The People Hub
All your Pictures are in a "hub" too!
The music player on Windows Phone 7 is called Zune
There are not much apps for Windows Phone 7, and the apps costing starts at a whopping $2.99!
For the Games Hub, You will need a xbox 360 (Microsoft's version of the PS3)

If any decent Windows Phones reach the Philippine market, I'd so get one!

Monday, December 19, 2011

Song Review: Christina Perri - Jar Of Hearts

This song is the best so far on YouTube! The meaning/story of the song is "Christina" is loving a guy, But the guy dates many other girls but does not tell "Christina" about it, Then "Christina" saw her BF with another girl.

Even though the meaning is like that, I still LOVE it, The tune is great, Her voice is so nice (Damn I wish I had her voice!) and the music video is EPIC! I hope you listen to it too, I'm now memorizing the lyrics.

Sunday, December 18, 2011


So, I was browsing through laptops on the 'net, Then I came across this SUPER COOL Thin laptop, Sadly, No color options :( Here's some pics of the MacBook Air:
Thin, huh? (And light!)

You'll never get typographical errors with this! (Perfect for blogging!)

The specs are good too, but you girls out there will be too girly to understand these things :D

Hey Guys!

It's my first time to post! I'll be likely to post tech blogs but there's always something girly!