Saturday, February 18, 2012

Enjoying the weekend

Usually, When it's Saturday or Sunday, We all log in to our Facebook and/or Twitter accounts to check for notifications, chat with friends or (For Windows users) play Facebook apps. But what else can we do? You can text a best friend to hang out at your house, Ask your boyfriend out to a date, and more...

Enjoying the weekends doesn't mean chatting on FB or viewing random pages, It can also be a time to bond with your family and friends, to go to malls or to go to Starbucks for a date.

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

I'm getting an Apple ID! And more on Macs...

So, I got a Mac, Obviously, To enjoy Apple's services, You will need an Apple ID, It can be used to buy Apps from App Store (Both the Mac and iOS versions), Music from iTunes, and tons more! The exact date for this is February 20, 2012, It would be the BEST MONDAY EVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Why did I get a Mac?
It's because, It is an Ultrabook, A high-end kind of laptop, And because It can view HD videos and photos.

Mac's downsides:
1. You can't play Facebook apps.
2. Few software choices, Since most software providers prefer offering their software to Windows-based PCs.

I love hanging out at the Windows facebook page, Ever since I did the switch, I started to love Macs (But i still hang out at the Windows page for some reason!). I am also an admin in a popular Apple fan page and I started talking about Macs in school (even insisting that our school should use Macs!), In other words "My Mac changed my whole life."

Edit: I'm not sure if I'll get an Apple ID....