Thursday, December 29, 2011

The Cloud

Is you USB Flash Drive getting full? Is your computer slowing down because of many files? Then store your files "in the cloud" A "cloud" is a private storage that you can access anytime, but there are some "shared" clouds that certain amounts of people can access, which is usually done when making group projects, Before you can save to the cloud, Find a good "cloud site" A good site is SkyDrive, But you'll need a Windows Live account to store things to your private cloud, Windows Live can be visited in . Here is how "the cloud" works:
1. You store (let's say 2 pictures) in the cloud
2. It will be accessed by you only because it is set to "not shared"
3. You "shared" the 2nd picture to your friend (
4. She will be able to see the 2nd picture but not the 1st one

That's why there's no problem putting pics of your face (or even your mom's) since by default, it is seen by you only. Happy storing "to the cloud"! Bye!

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