Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Newest OS for phones - Windows Phone 7 / 7.5

You've heard of Android, iOS(the OS for iPhones) and Blackberry OS right? Well, Microsoft just made their own OS for phones! The title says it--It's called Windows Phone 7 but sometimes called 7.5!--It's UI(User Interface, The things that you see in the screen)  is very simple and easy to go around! Here are some pics:
I want one so bad!
All your friends, FB, Twitter and your contacts are in one place, The People Hub
All your Pictures are in a "hub" too!
The music player on Windows Phone 7 is called Zune
There are not much apps for Windows Phone 7, and the apps costing starts at a whopping $2.99!
For the Games Hub, You will need a xbox 360 (Microsoft's version of the PS3)

If any decent Windows Phones reach the Philippine market, I'd so get one!

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